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week of the querk

A Creative Partnerships project with Holy Trinity Primary School in Darwen, Lancashire.

The school had decided to run a week where the curriculum would be delivered through a creative exploration of the fantasy that a clutch of mysterious eggs had been found in the garden.

BREAD led a team of practitioners who, under the guise of investigating scientists, perpetrated the ruse that the eggs had been laid by a mysterious creature called a 'Querk'. We delivered a series of creative activities ourselves and also supported to deliver their curriculum through the same topic. While in school we never broke role and referred to each other by special numbers only.

It was a blast - and I don't think we were rumbled!

We did everything from creating the eggs and building the nest, to taking over a classroom as a lab with an incubator to look care for the eggs. We encouraged children to bring us evidence they found which we carefully categorised and archived and constructed a machine to help us try and communicate with the Querk's homeland.

Nobody knows what happened on the last Friday. The eggs disappeared along with the scientists. There was a bang in the playground and all anyone could ever find was a mysterious escape hatch that hadn't been seen before... t:+44 (0) 774 884 7029

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We create unexpected encounters which gently ask you to slow down, stop for a moment and take in your surroundings in the hope that you'll notice something new.

We are artists, makers and creative thinkers, with strong social focus, inspired by spaces and the public realm. We use light, sound and interactive technologies to create the unexpected and seemingly impossible.

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Access to art and creativity is empowering. It engenders a feeling of having a voice, develops a profound sense of identity, ownership of and belonging to the places where we live, and provides a forum from which to explore our own surroundings and links to others.

BREAD delivered its first project in 2009 and is led by David Boultbee t:+44 (0) 774 884 7029