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A herd of glowing reindeer ran above patrons' heads as part of the Christmas lights display at The Oast House, a popular pub and restaurant on Spinningfields, Manchester.

As well as having strong visual impact, the installation continued our exploration of interactive public realm by allowing visitors to use a web app on their mobile phone to interact with the display, triggering an animation and changing the colour of the reindeer.

But not only that, once they'd chosen a colour, a camera took a photo of the visitor with the work and the colour they'd chosen, turned it into a Christmas card and sent it back to their handset. A momento that they could keep and share on social media.

This was a complex project, successfully executed over a short timeframe. It involved specialist input from manufacturers, structural engineers, programmers and electronic designers. Most importantly, people really enjoyed it! The work was surrounded by people taking photos every time we stopped by...

The Reindeer are planning to return to Spinningfields for Christmas 2015

The work was commissioned by The Christmas Decorators Manchester

The work was delivered in partnership with 24 Design

Structural design and assessment by Renaissance

Some photos by Sarah Ricketts. t:+44 (0) 774 884 7029

site design by David Boultbee ©2013

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We create unexpected encounters which gently ask you to slow down, stop for a moment and take in your surroundings in the hope that you'll notice something new.

We are artists, makers and creative thinkers, with strong social focus, inspired by spaces and the public realm. We use light, sound and interactive technologies to create the unexpected and seemingly impossible.

We create original and engaging works - multi-sensory experiences, often integrating visual, audible and interactive elements, that invite discovery, develop a sense of place, and encourage audience interactivity with both the work and each other.

We have wide expertise. We develop exciting and ambitious projects. Our creative thinking is backed by the experience to deliver. We work across varied locations, indoors and out, in harsh environments and on sensitive sites.

Our work ranges from community consultation and design and build for the public realm to bespoke creative technology development for private projects. Clients include local authorities, arts organisations, national museums and international companies.

Access to art and creativity is empowering. It engenders a feeling of having a voice, develops a profound sense of identity, ownership of and belonging to the places where we live, and provides a forum from which to explore our own surroundings and links to others.

BREAD delivered its first project in 2009 and is led by David Boultbee t:+44 (0) 774 884 7029