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I was delighted to work with In Certain Places as artist in residence at Testbed. The University Of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) were beginning a major redevelopment which will eventually see the site of the previous Fylde Building replaced with a new building and publically accessible square. In Certain Places had identified the need to explore how this would be adopted by the university and surrounding communities.

In order to do this, they established Testbed - a purpose built temporary space for research and community engagement and base for my residency and creative explorations. The temporary bespoke shipping container studio and performance space were designed by Ian Banks of Atoll. During that time working with groups from across the university and the city, over 17 different activities took place that investigated, articulated and tested out what the future uses of the new square could be. These included workshops, drumming performances, artworks and events. Lee Ivett of Baxendale Studios and Architecture BSc course leader at UClan, working with students, installed a temporary roof. The Test Bed blog examined the space as an entirety and destination while examining it relationship to wider debates about public spaces.

As part of my residency I was deligheted to invite More Music director Loz Kaye to work with me to develop Boombox - a continuation of our exploration of light, sound and performance.

It felt important to establish the space and announce its presence. The compound comprised a wooden deck surrounding a pair of shipping containers. I was immediately struck by the potential of both of these as LOUD percussive instruments. We were incredibly fortunate to be able to collaborate with Worldwise samba drummers who are based at the university. Using carefully chosen elements of their repertoire, a performance emerged including light, shadow and lots of noise.

We asked a lot and the performers were incredible. They did everything from awesome playing in the compound, to processing through the containers - taking plenty of opportunity to hit them! The evening finished on the hill behind the compound in an outline of the building that will soon be built. t:+44 (0) 774 884 7029

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we are BREAD art

We create unexpected encounters which gently ask you to slow down, stop for a moment and take in your surroundings in the hope that you'll notice something new.

We are artists, makers and creative thinkers, with strong social focus, inspired by spaces and the public realm. We use light, sound and interactive technologies to create the unexpected and seemingly impossible.

We create original and engaging works - multi-sensory experiences, often integrating visual, audible and interactive elements, that invite discovery, develop a sense of place, and encourage audience interactivity with both the work and each other.

We have wide expertise. We develop exciting and ambitious projects. Our creative thinking is backed by the experience to deliver. We work across varied locations, indoors and out, in harsh environments and on sensitive sites.

Our work ranges from community consultation and design and build for the public realm to bespoke creative technology development for private projects. Clients include local authorities, arts organisations, national museums and international companies.

Access to art and creativity is empowering. It engenders a feeling of having a voice, develops a profound sense of identity, ownership of and belonging to the places where we live, and provides a forum from which to explore our own surroundings and links to others.

BREAD delivered its first project in 2009 and is led by David Boultbee t:+44 (0) 774 884 7029